Ancient of Days

Ancient of Days
When completed in 1976 I turned inside-out

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Serpent Mound points to the cusp of Piscis and Aquarius. 
This is like the holy grail; it demonstrates our arrival at the moment in eternity when we are free to choose. The eternally present Now. The sun solar image represents the vesica, and the womb of sky, and the triangle represent the crown of sky and the agni-crown biocosmic ladder. The serpent swallows the initiate and the initiate dissolves to enter the "otherworld" of the emotional body, accessing serpent kundalini's pineal gland's moleculer jet fuel for astral travel. Two destinations above and below: Plieades and Hu Nob Ku. The serpent's gland mirrors the triangle's shape, across the "egg". It is both inside the serpent's head, and simultaneously outside the serpent's head. A biocosmic journey through the serpent ladder, inside and outside our heads. A fractal universe and an internal dimension accessed with the assistance of the emotional and sensory nervous system, by distracting the frontal lobes temporarily, allowing the sensory systems current to reverse, causing the serpent ladder to swallow the initiate, and begin the cosmic adventure beyond lifetimes, in the biocosmic temple.  The access bridge is an emotional roller coaster, but its ultimately a psychological paradigm in which loving kindness, respect, and gentle speech, and quick to forgive self and others.  These are the keys to the Kingdom, I left the light on for you. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chariots of the Gods O Black King is Killed

Chariots of the Gods O Black King is Killed

The King of Hearts  in the crosshair’s way
His lady  carried his body to lay
The Black King was killed
The Country ablaze
The Chariots of the Gods
Entered the fray
They shattered the ceiling
And shook all the hay
Crossed the divide by night and by day.
Osiris now dead.  Later Horus done away
His Chariot down and no one can say
Then Gog and Magog melt or shatter to dust
So nobody minds now if the war is unjust
Treasures are looted, blind daggers are thrust
Our chain is unbroken and drags on the muster
Of mothers and sons who'll pick-up the costs
Of running machines on the blood of our host
While a sun burns inside her, old mother looks grim
What to suppose of her sun within?
The day is at hand and we’re rooting for him
He’s already landed;  the back way slipped in.
So the chariots of fire will soon begin
 to ferry us back to the old times when,
 the temple girls weren’t ascending.
The chariots of fire were tending to inspire
The whole holy host from the lowest to the higher
Give me a dose, sittin' by the fire and hear what
the women are playing.